"Simplifying newer solutions for complex problems"


The Co University is a service oriented Trust / foundation established to serve the institutes, industry and society, with the help of intellectuals / Gurus from different fields. The theme of the foundation is “Manava Seva Ye Madhava Seva” (A service to the mankind is the service to the God / Nature).

Who we are

1. The Co University is established by service oriented professors / Scientists / industrialists / Social Reformers, who has in build compassion towards serving the society, believing Education and Medication are noble services with the philosophy of “Manava Seva Ye Madhava Seva” ( A Service to the mankind is the service to the God / Nature)

2. The Co University is a Non Profit , Non Commercial Foundation, runs on service motto

3. The uniqueness of The Co University is all Resource persons of this Foundation are regarded and pronounced as “The Gurus”. There is nothing like Hierarchy & Protocol. It is like Gurukulam (Traditional University) where all natural principles are driven by Gurus(Teachers).

4. Our Intellectuals / Gurus include professors from IITs / NITs, Scientists, Acclaimed Professors from Private Universities / Institutes / acclaimed social workers etc.,