"Simplifying newer solutions for complex problems"


The Co University is a service oriented Trust / foundation established to serve the institutes, industry and society, with the help of intellectuals / Gurus from different fields. The theme of the foundation is “Manava Seva Ye Madhava Seva” (A service to the mankind is the service to the God / Nature).

Our Services

1. Imparting chemical engineering health systems to organizations / institutes / individuals
through chemical health city tour. 2. Establish Health Clubs and prevent Heart diseases, B.P as well as other diseases and promote good health.
3. Counseling on emotional health issues / Adult issues / Elder issues / youth issues / Family issues
4. Counseling and Practice sessions to hyper active students
5. Counseling to individuals like single parents, unmarried youth, parents of derailed children who are suffering from untold melancholies.
6. Establishing Science Cadet Corps at different educational institutions.
7. De-Bottle necking for industrial problems through mini / major projects / industrial internships.
8. Imparting training programs to public occupants like barbers, municipality workers, hotel cooks, laundry workers, scavengers etc.,
9. Imparting First Aid Training to organizations, institutes, individuals.
10. Periodical Human Body Servicing
11. Chemical Engineering preventive health care treatment for BP patients and CVD patients as
well as to all individuals above 40 + years of age.
12. Ensuring / Providing quality water, quality air
13. Providing good health home Exercisers.
14. Providing good health natural products / natural substitutes
15. Conducting safety audits, energy audits, quality audits, environmental audits.
16. Preparation of SOP documents, HARA, HAZOP.
17. Imparting Training in technical and managerial aspects.
18. Evaluating and imparting performance of individuals / organizations
19. Optimization of Men, Machine, Materials and Methods.
20. Conducting annual health checkups
21. Administering skill development course / UG courses / PG Courses for industrialists / organizations / individuals.