"Simplifying newer solutions for complex problems"


The Co University is a service oriented Trust / foundation established to serve the institutes, industry and society, with the help of intellectuals / Gurus from different fields. The theme of the foundation is “Manava Seva Ye Madhava Seva” (A service to the mankind is the service to the God / Nature).

Our Motto:

Knowledge (Shiksha)-Health (Sahet)-Peace(Shanti)>>

Our Belief:

“Krushi to Naasti Durbhiksham; Spardaya Vardate Vidya”. Hard work yields success; there should be healthy competition. >>

Our Mission:

To strive hard with honesty and discover fine solutions for better performance of institutes, industry and society.

Our Vision:

To serve the organizations and establish good brand value across the nation / globe.>>

Our Goals:

1. To impart Chemical Health Systems and issue PChEHMS 7000 certificates / First Aid certificates to organizations / institutes / individuals.

2. To establish Science Cadet Corps and issue A, B, C certificates. Send one troop of students to RD Parade New Delhi.

3. To take up unconventional / unique tasks and make impossible to possible .

4. To serve institutes – industry-society and promote their performance by way of optimizing,

men, machines, material, methods.

5. To serve industries in the areas of Auditing / SOP’s in quality, safety, health, environment, optimization, debottlenecking.

6. To serve top organizations and provide solutions for further enrichment.

7. To empower industrial employees with additional qualifications.

Our Uniqueness

1. First of its kind to connect, Institute – Industry – Society through various activities

2. First of its kind to establish Human Body Servicing Hospital

3. First of its kind to empower Health Assurance through Chemical Health City Tour to organizations / industries / individuals and accredit PChEHMS 7000 certification to organizations.

4. First of its kind to provide counseling on emotional health issues / Adult issues / Elder issues / youth issues / Family issues

5. First of its kind to establish Health clubs at aspiring organizations / industries / individuals

6. First of its kind to establish Science Cadet Corps (SCC) at different institutions

7. First of its kind to provide counseling on untold melancholies of individuals